Colgate-Palmolive Co. – 2011 50 Out Front #7


At Colgate, the “Colgate Culture” epitomizes the diversity of the company’s people, philosophy, values, talent, and suppliers. Colgate considers its people its greatest asset, and remains committed to maintaining an environment that celebrates their differences, values, and contributions. The diversity of its people, thinking, talent, and suppliers is key to Colgate’s success. “At Colgate-Palmolive, we strive to live our Managing with Respect principles by fostering an inclusive workplace that mirrors the global marketplace.” says Eugene Kelly, worldwide director of global diversity & inclusion. “Such an environment will provide all Colgate people with the opportunity to help drive innovation and make unique contributions to our overall business success.” At Colgate, attracting, developing and retaining exceptional people is a key global priority. To support employee development and job satisfaction, it offers global career opportunities, access to world-class training and education programs and continuous coaching and feedback, at all levels and functions of the company.

To celebrate diversity and encourage dialogue, Colgate also offers several employee network groups, including the Black Action Committee (BAC) and Hispanic Action Network. During the year, members of the BAC participate as mentors to students of the Wadleigh School for Performing Arts and Visual Arts, and students perform at Colgate’s corporate headquarters. During Colgate’s Culture Immersion Day, information booths provide employees with an opportunity to learn about the diverse people and communities that make up Colgate’s global culture. Additionally, Colgate was a corporate sponsor in 2010 of the Cross-Cultural Women’s Symposium. One program consisted of culturally specific (Latina and Asian) interactive theater designed to enhance professional skills and support leadership development, particularly in the area of communication.