Credit Suisse Group – 2011 50 Out Front #31


Zurich, Switzerland
50,100 employees

Founded 1856
CEO: Brady Dougan
CDE:  Todd Sears

Credit Suisse believes diversity and inclusion promote a culture of teamwork, which respects, values, and leverages employee differences, which can often breed innovation. Its diversity goals include motivating employees through an open, inclusive workplace; creating value for it and its investors by helping to identify and retain expertise; and demonstrating its commitment to inclusion outside of the corporate sphere, by, for example, sponsoring public events and supporting external advocacy groups. All senior managers have created succession plans, and every effort is made to increase the representation of diversity at each level, to ensure a strong pipeline of diversity in its leadership. CS employee networks/forums promote career enhancement through development, networking, and mentoring; provide additional access to senior management; and help employees balance their work and personal lives. They also promote corporate citizenship as a shared value through philanthropic participation and provide employees the opportunity to meet other colleagues they might not have otherwise.