CSX Corp. – 2011 50 Out Front #12


Jacksonville, FL
29,916 employees

Founded 1827
CEO: Michael Ward
CDE: Susan Hamilton

A provider of rail-based transportation services, CSX’s Global Diversity Council sets its strategy for diversity including making it an organizational philosophy at all levels; creating a culture that understands and values diversity; ensuring continuity as well as continual assessment; and assuring components are in place to support diversity objectives. All departments are represented, with a senior executive manager serving as advisor. The council also mentors satellite councils, which manage diversity on a local level. Affinity groups focus on their connection to/within diverse communities. There are 42 employee affinity groups within the company. CSX also has an annual coaching/inclusion forum, and its formal coaching program, Associate Development Program, has two phases annually at its headquarters and six field locations. CSX recently received three awards: GI Jobs #3 for being military friendly; National Disability Matters Award for Workforce 2011; and Corporation of the Year from the National Association of Black Accountants.