Cummins Inc. – 2011 50 Out Front #43


Columbus, IN
40,000 employees

Founded 1919
CEO: Tim Solso
CDE: Lisa Gutierrez

Cummins feels that diversity is integral to its business, and its commitment to diversity and respect for other cultures and communities gives it an edge in doing global business. Inclusion has been a part of Cummins’ core values for over 40 years. It has a number of women and minorities among its senior leaders. It defines diversity within the firm in three ways: 1) the diversity of an individual is defined by his/her cultural and personal differences, as well as life/professional experiences; 2) diversity is created through the distinct personalities and capabilities of each individual within the group; and 3) the diversity of individuals and organizations creates an environment where innovation and ideas flourish. When Cummins enters new markets/geographies, it employs people who understand the local culture and speak the local language who are an integral part of the local community.