Deloitte LLC – 2012 50 Out Front # 27


Deloitte LLC

New York, NY
12,766 employees
CEO: Barry Salzberg
CDE: Deborah L. DeHaas

Diversity mission: Our diversity mission is to assertively attract, retain and develop the best talent so that we bring thought leadership and insights to our clients and foster a culture whose diversity and inclusion are self-perpetuating.

While no company values any single area of diversity more than others, Deloitte is currently making gender equality its primary focus. Moving beyond the standard line of inclusion, Deloitte has become a trumpeter for the empowerment of women in the workplace. Anchored by its Women’s Initiative (WIN) program Deloitte is now recognized as a leader in advancing women and as an employer of choice. Deloitte views diversity as a shared value within the organization, and as such, it views the advancement of women not just as a local initiative, but as a global one. The Global Retention of Women (GROW) Council was established as a worldwide effort to increase the representation of women in leadership positions. Deloitte’s Retention and Advancement of Women (DRAW) program made huge gains for women having produced the first woman partner of a professional services firm in the Middle East, and the first African Black woman partner of a Big Four accounting firm in South Africa.