Fannie Mae – 2012 50 Out Front #13


Fannie Mae

Washington, DC
7,300 employees
CEO: Michael J. Williams
CDE: Darlene Slaughter

Diversity mission: Fannie Mae is committed to diversity and inclusion within our people, our culture, and our business. We strive to create an environment where employees — our greatest resource — can fully engage and contribute their diverse ideas and perspectives toward innovative solutions that meet company goals and create value for the housing market.

Fannie Mae is a government-sponsored enterprise with a mission to increase available funds to make home ownership and rental housing more available/affordable. The company works toward fashioning an atmosphere where diverse employees can interact completely and offer innovative ideas, suggestions, and viewpoints that help achieve Dannie Mae’s corporate objectives for the overall housing environment. Fannie Mae sees valuing diversity and inclusion as key components of building a high-performing culture. It offers resources to develop managers as more effective leaders, and leverages the experience of its employees through employee resource groups to support its mission. Its Diversity Advisory Council provides feedback and challenges the impact the office of diversity and inclusion’s initiatives have or may have on Fannie Mae’s business. Ensuring diversity and inclusion in business, it believes, has never been more important. Through a variety of strategic initiatives, the enterprise works to respond to the housing needs of homebuyers, renters, and families at risk of foreclosure who seek sustainable home retention.