FedEx Corp. – 2011 50 Out Front #23


Memphis, TN
217,000 employees

Founded 1971
CEO: Fredrick Smith
CDE: David Buggs<

FedEx considers diversity a business necessity, evident through its Corporate Culture and Awareness Department. Its goals include heightening cultural awareness through education/communication, eliminating barriers to cultural understanding, and helping employees value the differences people bring to the workplace. It’s under the supervision of the chief diversity officer and vice president diversity council, composed of 12 vice presidents and two senior officers. FedEx sponsors numerous diversity educational opportunities, including the Multicultural Diversity Fair, African American Forum,Women’s Forum, World of Holiday Religious Forum, and many more. Its quarterly Dialogues in Diversity sessions target increasing awareness and promoting inclusion. The Diverse Appeal is a quarterly publication from FedEx employees. Each issue contains a message from senior management highlighting its commitment to diversity. The firm’s diversity website for employees includes a calendar of events, links to the seven employee network groups, and other materials. Annually, FedEx administers a diversity survey to measure employee engagement in 10 key categories. Results are presented to the VP diversity council.