Google – 2012 50 Out Front # 33



Mountainview, CA
33,077 employees
CEO: Larry Page
CDE: Laszlo Bock

Diversity mission: Diversity is an essential component of the culture at Google. Building diversity and inclusion into the way we operate around the globe continues to be an essential part of our business and our culture as Googlers.

With perhaps the widest reach of any single organization, one could argue that no company relies more on diversity than Google. Committed to maintaining a workplace that reflects its diverse user and customer base, Google aggressively seeks to recruit and retain a multicultural staff from many different backgrounds and underrepresented demographics. Through mentorship programs, community outreach, and vast employee networks, Google promotes an atmosphere that embraces multiculturism. Google’s efforts to promote diversity throughout its organization faces some unique challenges. Among them are the declining enrollment numbers for computer science programs across the globe, particularly among women and underrepresented groups. To combat this trend Google has developed programs to inspire interest in technology at the pre-university level and provide access to education and resources where none is available. Google also funds scholarships aimed at retaining students enrolled in computer science programs. With lofty goals and sincere efforts, Google seeks to make even greater gains for diversity as the company continues to grow.