HCSC , OUR DIFFERENCES MAKE US STRONGER – Empowering our workforce with diversity and inclusion

At HCSC we support an environment where all employees feel valued, empowered and recognized for their unique talents, perspectives and differences. To do this, our Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) embeds a commitment to diversity throughout all areas of the company, from how we hire, manage and interact with employees, to how we serve our customers and provide for our communities.

We strive to maintain an inclusive work environment where all employees experience equity. This means employees know that when they come to work each day, they will be treated fairly and with the respect they deserve. We see our organization as one united by our differences and empowered by the various strengths we each bring to the table.

The beauty of a diverse and inclusive workplace is that we give each other the space to be who we are. – Manika Turnbull

“We come to work each day confident that our organization supports our unique ideas, perspectives and characteristics,” says Manika Turnbull, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer. “I am proud to support an organization that values its employees. Starting with the chief executive officer, on down to each and every employee, we are dedicated to helping our organization maintain an inclusive environment by showing respect and acceptance for one another.”

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