Hewlett-Packard Co. – 2011 50 Out Front #38


Palo Alto, CA
324,600 employees

Founded 1939
CEO: Leo Apotheker
CDE: Debbie McIssac

As HP has expanded globally, its workforce has become more diverse. It believes this diversity helps the company realize its full potential, and believes it benefits from the creativity and innovation that results when people with different experiences, perspectives, and cultures work together. It also believes a well managed diverse workforce expands HP’s base of knowledge, skills, and cross-cultural understanding, which in turn enables it to understand, relate and respond to its diverse customer base. HP’s commitment is reflected in its diversity and inclusion philosophy: A diverse, high-achieving workforce as a sustainable competitive advantage; an inclusive, flexible work environment that values differences and motivates employees to contribute their best; and trust, mutual respect, and dignity are fundamental beliefs reflected in its behavior and actions. The company also maintains accountability for diversity/inclusion goals. HP regularly hosts women’s leadership summits around the world. It has also hosted an African-American summit, and plans a Hispanic summit next year