Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, N.J. – 2012 50 Out Front #12


Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, N.J.

Newark, N.J.
4,700 employees
CEO: Robert A. Marino
CDE: Alison Banks Moore

Diversity mission: Diversity is part of who we are as a company and the diversity of our employees represents the richness of our culture. We strive for inclusion and employ people who interpret and apply our Core Values of Caring, Excellence and Integrity in their own unique way.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey takes pride in its commitment to diversity and inclusion among its employees, members, physicians, and business partners. The company’s goal is to embrace and value differences of culture, education, experience, physical ability and unique perspectives in our workplace. Some programs include the diversity training program, which increases employee awareness of workplace diversity and expands employees’ knowledge and competence so that they may work effectively in a multicultural environment. The reverse mentoring program enables high-potential minority employees to mentor the company’s top executives on the perspectives and challenges of individuals from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds. It also affords high-potential minority employees the opportunity to engage in constructive discussions with senior management. The officer sponsorship of affinity groups program recognizes diverse concerns and perspectives through leadership. Attracting, retaining and advancing talent from all sources is critical to continued success in providing quality health care and strengthening our bond with the multifaceted communities it serves.