Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey – 2011 50 Out Front #3


At Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, the goal for diversity is straightforward: Make the most of the company’s workforce, and, in doing so, make a better and stronger company in every facet of the business. “We believe the single most important benefit of diversity is that by having a workforce that reflects our customers, we can better understand their needs and be more effective in our solutions,” says Chief Diversity Officer Alison Banks-Moore. “We appreciate that each employee brings with them unique skills and experiences, and we seek to leverage these differences and integrate them into our business practices. We believe that with diversity comes creativity, productivity, different perspectives, and solutions, all of which contributes to the success of our business.”

Horizon BCBSNJ encourages diversity through a variety of events and programs, such as officer-sponsored affinity groups, lunch and learn sessions specifically addressing timely diversity related topics, leadership symposiums geared toward female employees, and manager development programs. The company’s diversity training program is a fundamental component of the diversity initiative. Training is designed to increase employee awareness of workplace diversity and expand employees’ knowledge and competence so that they may work effectively in a multicultural environment. Horizon BCBSNJ’s Reverse Mentoring Program enables high-potential minority employees to mentor the company’s top executives on the perspectives and challenges of individuals from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds, while giving those minority employees the opportunity to engage in constructive discussions with senior management. A diversity council guides enterprise-wide efforts, and diversity is an essential component of the company’s Operational Excellence Employee Recognition Program. This program recognizes outstanding employees who exemplify the company’s core competencies and who produce positive business results. Select core competencies have a diversity component where employees are recognized for promoting diversity, proactively educating others on diversity, and living up to the spirit of inclusion within the firm.

Through diversity, the company believes employees benefit from a more fulfilling work environment focused on delivering excellence.  In return, Horizon BCBSNJ reaps the reward of a workplace with a blend of talents and perspectives as it strives to continually raise the bar on improving the healthcare experience for customers and communities.