Hospital Corporation Of America (HCA) – 2012 50 Out Front # 39


Hospital Corporation Of America (HCA)

Nashville, TN
180,000 employees
CEO: Richard M. Bracken
CDE: John Steele

Diversity mission: Diversity and inclusion at HCA is significant to our core business of delivering healthcare excellence. It involves the hearts and lives of our employees, our patients, and our communities.

With a network of more than 163 hospitals and an additional 109 surgery centers in 20 US cities and England, diversity and inclusion is a significant part of the core business at HCA. As nited in its mission statement, HCA avidly promotes the idea that delivering healthcare excellence incorporates the overall lives and lifestyles of not only its employees, but its patients, and all the communities it services. The firm constantly reminds its workforce that its diversity touches all facets of the company HCA seeks to provide culturally competent care to every patient it encounters. To accomplish this objective, the company is focused on building an organization that fosters cultural diversity and inclusion across all areas of the firm. This philosophy embraces and enriches HCA’s workforce, physicians, patients, partners and communities.