Intel Corp. – 2011 50 Out Front #46


Santa Clara, CA
82,500 employees

Founded 1968
CEO: Paul Otellini
CDE: Rosalind Hundell

Intel is committed to ensuring that women, minorities, people with disabilities, veterans, and other diverse groups are appropriately represented in its workplace. Each year at each of its sites, Intel prepares an affirmative action plan to assess its workforce diversity, specifically the utilization of women and minorities, and to address any possible areas of under-representation. In addition, the company’s long-standing Open Door guidelines encourage employees at every level, regardless of their title or role, to raise issues and to expect a timely response and resolution. Intel regularly conducts worldwide internal organizational surveys that include diversity aspects, and shares the survey results and their related action plans with all its employees. It believes this open exchange of ideas and concerns promotes a fair and respectful workplace for all of its employees worldwide. In its succession process, Intel’s senior management team identifies approximately 15-20% diverse and/or female candidates as part of the process it uses.