Johnson & Johnson – 2012 50 Out Front # 31


Johnson & Johnson

New Brunswick, NJ
117,900 employees
CEO: Alex Gorsky
CDE: Anthony P. Carter

Diversity mission: To embed diversity and inclusion into our business to drive innovation and growth to ensure we better serve patients, customers, employees and our communities.

As a health-based organization, diversity is a fundamental tenant at Johnson & Johnson. Its global office of diversity and inclusion works closely with its business end to attract, retain, and develop a diverse workforce. The office reports directly to the CEO and is responsible for implementing the company’s diversity initiative, which includes fostering an inclusive culture that embraces differences in the workplace, achieving a skilled, high performing workforce that is reflective of the diverse global marketplace, and working with business leaders to establish targeted market opportunities for consumers across diverse demographic segments. To ensure that management and employees are in compliance with the company’s goals in regards to diversity, Johnson & Johnson has established the Johnson & Johnson Diversity University, an online resource designed to educate employees on the value of differences in the workplace, and the benefits of working collaboratively to achieve their goals. Diversity University includes courses such as Diversity & Inclusion Fundamentals, and Leveraging Diverse Thinking Styles.