Kraft Foods Co. – 2012 50 Out Front # 14


Kraft Foods Co.

Northfield, IL
126,000 employees
CEO: Irene Rosenfeld
CDE: Jim Norman

Diversity mission: It takes great people to make great brands. Our 450 diverse employees are the reasons for our success. We create a delicious working environment for employees to feel passionate, creative and driven to contribute to our growth.

Kraft Foods aims to include diversity/inclusion training for every employee at critical career stages. It has 10 employee councils that align their objectives with the company’s business strategies, and the firm develops relationships with external organizations to connect with a broad range of consumers and attract diverse talent. Kraft introduced its Diversity Performance Factor to link executive incentive compensation and the achievement of its diversity and inclusion vision. Reflecting the face of consumers in its workers people and especially in its leaders is critical to Kraft’s success. Diversity gives business leaders the freedom to adapt global strategy to local markets, take smart risks and unleash the full potential of workers. The company requires diversity and inclusion training for every employee at key career stages to sustain a diverse culture. It also developed the Employee Council Leadership Academy to help ensure that its employee councils’ efforts are aligned with its business objectives. Open and inclusive are woven into how the company does business.