Marriott International – 2012 50 Out Front # 28


Marriott International

Bethesda, MD
300,000 employees
CEO: Arne Sorrenson
CDE: Jimmie Paschall, David Rodriguez

Diversity mission: Since its founding in 1927, Marriott has valued diversity and inclusion of all associates. This legacy is now a fundamental operating principle and business imperative.

As a global leader in the hotel industry, Marriot’s commitment to diversity is key to its success. Providing services to cultures across the globe, Marriott measures diversity in four key areas — its associates, its guests, its owners and its suppliers. With a workforce comprised substantially of foreign-born employees, Marriott’s diversity initiative also extends into the political arena, advocating for a comprehensive approach to immigration reform. By concentrating its efforts on programs that encourage minority ownership, support minority developers, and purchasing from minority suppliers, Marriott promotes a corporate culture relies on diversity. As a result of its Diverse Ownership Initiative, which seeks to bridge the gap between successful minority businesses and the hospitality industry, Marriott now has 575 hotels owned or operated by diverse groups. This, combined with its culture specific initiatives aimed at embracing the diverse cultures of its customers, has earned Marriott the distinction of being among the most globally recognized companies for its progress on issues of diversity.