MasterCard – 2012 50 Out Front # 38



Purchase, NY
5,600 (2010)
CEO: Ajaypal Singh Banga
CDE: Donna Johnson

Diversity mission: At MasterCard Worldwide, we regard diversity as the root of innovation. As such, it is a critical element for developing creative, breakthrough responses to the needs of our customers and other stakeholders, thereby achieving our Vision of advancing commerce globally.

With an increased global presence, MasterCard, a leader in the global payments industry, is faced with the challenge of providing services to an increasingly diverse population of banks worldwide. To accomplish this, MasterCard has focused its efforts on developing an equally diverse organization to ensure the value of its global product. MasterCard has redefined diversity, expanding the traditional parameters of the concept to include different thoughts, skills, experiences and backgrounds. This philosophy can be seen throughout the organization in certain key areas of interes,t including the corporate culture, supplier diversity, business resource groups and work life, which concentrates the organizations efforts on creating an inspiring work environment that affords each employee an opportunity to contribute to the goals and business objectives of the company. As evidence of its serious commitment to diversity, MasterCard implemented its global diversity and inclusion council to develop and enforce the company’s directives as they relate to diversity in three core areas–gender, multi-culturism, and lifestages.