Proctor & Gamble Co. – 2011 50 Out Front #34


Cincinnati, OH
127,000 employees

Founded 1837
CEO: Robert McDonald
CDE: Linda W. Clement-Holmes

P&G’s mission statement regarding diversity/inclusion is “Everyone valued, everyone included, everyone performing at their peak.” It is committed to creating a culture where colleagues and managers of others demonstrate sincere care for each other, extending a personal touch to each individual, and genuinely getting to know each other. Everyone’s full engagement is expected to ensure that P&G delivers on the mission in every part of its business. P&G also sees diversity as a sustained competitive advantage for its continued growth. It is implicit in the company’s Purpose and Values and explicit in the company’s business strategy for success. To that end, the company is dedicated to a supportive and encouraging environment that celebrates and values individuality in order to inspire each employee to bring his and her personal best. From its statement: “To win, we must value, respect, and include the people that make P&G business possible.”