Progressive Corp. – 2011 50 Out Front #47


Mayfield Village, OH
24,638 employees

Founded 1937
CEO: Glenn Renwick
CDE: Tiffany Collins

Though Progressive is in the infancy stages (year three) of its diversity/inclusion efforts, it’s firmly committed to them. It believes that by investing in an inclusive culture, it will create an outstanding work environment for employees, exceptional service to customers and extraordinary performance for shareholders. It also feels that hiring people who bring added diversity to its overall workforce is important to the firm’s future. Most of Progressive’s work has involved education and infrastructure to support diversity efforts. Its agenda focuses on four key areas: building a talent pipeline, creating and inclusive work environment, learning about diversity, and measuring its success. It sees employees with different backgrounds and experiences as bringing important perspectives to the company’s overall business challenges and thinking, and that maintaining an atmosphere where everyone feels like they are part of one community is crucial to sustaining Progressive’s unique culture.