Staples Inc. – 2011 50 Out Front #24


Framingham, MA
52,919 employees

Founded 1986
CEO: Ron Sargent
CDE: Joy Errico Seusing

As the world’s largest office-products company operating in 27 countries, diversity is a necessity at Staples. It has an associate diversity plan of action and an organizational structure of regional diversity task forces, whose goals are to increase awareness of the importance of diversity, engage with communities through local organizations and universities, and further increase diversity within the sales organization. Despite a slowdown in hiring due to the economy, the company remains committed to hiring minority and women associates. Staples also hosts an international management trainee program. Associates from around the world are brought to headquarters for 12 weeks of intensive training and an exchange of best practices and innovation. Since 2004, Staples has increased spending with diverse suppliers by over 67 %. The company provides training for its diversity suppliers at the annual Diversity Supplier Workshop and Summit, which gives diversity suppliers direct contact with and targeted guidance from senior leaders.