Staples Inc. – 2012 50 Out Front # 24


Staples Inc.

Framingham, MA
53,000 employees
CEO: Ron Sargent
CDE: Joy Erico Seusing

Diversity mission: At Staples, diversity means reflecting the face of our customer. All colors. All ages. All abilities. Every definition of family. We’re a company that welcomes and celebrates diversity of people, experiences and thought. Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes us better.

Staples considers diversity an essential part of its financial outlook, enacting a corporate strategy aimed at systematically increasing its performance in this area. As part of this approach Staples has established processes to track its current performance and to identify areas of particular opportunity or concern. Performance is monitored using six key metrics — percentage of total workforce, external hires, percentage at leadership levels, internal movement, voluntary turnover, and regretted turnover (associates falling into the top 50% of performance rankings). In addition to tracking current performance and taking action in response to trends and opportunities, Staples proactively incorporates a focus on diversity and inclusion into training activities. Diversity information is included in programs ranging from the new hire orientation, required of all new associates, to the Staples LearningXchange program, which helps prepare managers and senior executives to manage effectively in a diverse workplace. At Staples diversity goes beyond race, age, and gender to include the developing of a diversity of experience.