University of California/Los Angeles (UCLA) – 2012 50 Out Front # 46


University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

Los Angeles, CA
30,660 employees (approx.)
CEO: Gene Block
CDE: Christine Littleton

Diversity mission: The campus community is committed to discovery and innovation, creative and collaborative achievements, debate and critical inquiry, in an open and inclusive environment that nurtures the growth and development of all faculty, students, administration and staff. These Principles of Community are vital for ensuring a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members of the campus community and for serving as a guide for our personal and collective behavior.

A well-known academic player, UCLA never forgets its primary mission or strays from its root goal — to be a state school that serves well. Obviously, a state school must be inclusive. A part of the massive University of California system, the UCLA campus attracts a wildly diverse student body not just from California, but from all over the world. The school centers its diversity activities on achieving a match between that complex student population and the school’s faculty and staff populations. The university focuses on building projects based upon of its “Principals of Community,” a 10-point treatise outlining the school’s key beliefs, values and commitments regarding diversity. The Office for Faculty Diversity and Development works to build partnerships with the school’s academic leadership, provide resources during recruitment endeavors and help create a campus environment where all faculty feels welcome. The staff Affirmative Action Office provides training on workforce differences and makes available support for how to manage a multi-cultural team.