Vanguard Inc. – 2011 50 Out Front #27


Valley Forge, PA
12,500 employees

Founded 1975
CEO: F. William McNabb
CDE: Vivian McLeod

“The broader our diversity, the greater our effectiveness will be, for there is true power in having the widest possible array of perspectives,” says F. William McNabb, III, president/CEO of Vanguard. Through a partnership between corporate diversity and Vanguard University, the company offers a full curriculum of training that moves employees along the diversity continuum. It consists of over a dozen sessions that serve as critical components of leadership training, as well as stand-alone offerings. The CEO appoints the diversity leadership team (DLT), composed of senior leaders from throughout the organization. The DLT sets objectives, ensures their alignment with business strategies and holds leaders accountable for achieving success. There is also a group of full-time diversity professionals led by the chief diversity officer. They drive the diversity strategy through education, engagement with leadership teams, relationships with organizations and communities and research to ensure Vanguard stays on the cutting edge of diversity theory and best practices.