How Frequency of Exposure can Maximize the Resonance of your Digital Campaigns


Advertising campaigns that resonate in the minds of consumers are hard to find: A Nielsen study shows that 22% of digital ads failed to drive uplift for key brand metrics in Australia. Encouragingly, understanding frequency – the number of times consumers see a campaign – has a demonstrated impact on resonance, and can ensure brands maximise their digital spend.

Data from Nielsen’s Digital Brand Effect reveals that, in Australia, exposure to digital advertising 5-9 times is the optimal range to improve the overall brand lift of the campaign – increasing the resonance by 51% on average.

Campaign objectives of Awareness and Intent show a strong link to frequency in global analysis undertaken by Nielsen. For campaigns with these objectives, resonance can be increased with every additional exposure.

Other campaign objectives have optimum frequency point for resonance: after a peak number of exposures, resonance begins to fall. Resonance of ads targeting Brand Preference and Favourability peaks for consumers at three and six exposures, respectively.

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