Virtual Empathy: How 360-Degree Video Can Boost the Efforts of Non-Profits


Ever since the revolutionary 360-degree video documentary Clouds Over Sidra debuted and helped drive donations to UNICEF, other non-profit organizations have followed suit. From Oxfam to PETA, a wide range of charities have used virtual reality (VR) videos as a way to literally immerse viewers into the cause, tug at their heartstrings and hopefully get them to open their wallets.

But how effective this 360 content is in regard to comparable measurement of behavioral and attitudinal impact has largely been absent from the public conversation.

Ahead of Nielsen Global Impact Day, an annual day of service in Nielsen communities around the world, Nielsen conducted a pro bono analysis to help nonprofit organizations make better use of this emerging technology as they engage audiences. Since 2012, Nielsen has pledged to deliver at least $10 million each year through pro bono and in-kind contributions.

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