16th Annual National Business Leaders Virtual Conference and Awards Gala

Ramping Up the Push Forward for Change in the Workplace!

CHICAGO – September 9, 2022 – Diversity MBA will host its 16th Annual National Business Leaders Virtual Conference and Awards Gala on September 20 – 22, 2022 with its theme: Out with the Old in with the New! This virtual event includes a new feature of pre-conference bonus sessions that will set the tone and direction for the entire conference.

Pre-conference sessions feature an intense diversity, equity and inclusion boot camp for middle managers and professionals, a women’s leadership session to further empower and enlighten emerging female leaders, an inciteful diversity recruitment session for talent acquisition leaders, and a special session for emboldening women as they bring information, resources, ideas and opportunities to the grassroots community.

An information filled virtual event, the full conference experience kicks-off with the second annual publishing summit which showcases acclaimed authors on DEI leadership and implementation topics. The first day commences with discussions on the status of DEI practices, race relations and advances in industries including: healthcare, financial services, sports, technology, transportation, and manufacturer suppliers. The second day is chocked full with real conversations and straight talk on C-suite leadership and efforts for increased diversity, a fireside chat with chief executive officers and a townhall session on best practices for achieving and increasing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The conference culminates on September 22 with an Awards Gala celebrating the Top 100 Under 50 Emerging and Executive Leaders and the 50 Out Front Companies: the Best Places to Work for Women and Diverse Managers.

Noted chief executive officers from major corporations and institutions will engage in a real discussion on corporate accountability priorities in these changing times. They will discuss various aspects of managing corporate governance while tackling critical stakeholder conversations on diversity and equity. C-suite speakers and panelists include: Hanna N. McCloskly, Founder & CEO Fearless Futures based in the United Kingdom; Dr. Mary Donohue, CEO, Digital Wellness Center; Dee M. Robinson, CEO, Robinson Hill, Inc., and GT Spirits Company; Laurie Benson, CEO, LSB Unlimited; Edward Kopko, CEO, Bold Business; Carmiña Santamaria, Founder & CEO of Shanti Safer Routes; Michelle Ochs, Founder & Creative Director of ET OCHS; and Natalie Buford-Young, CEO, Springboard Enterprises. Special guests for the awards gala are The Honorable Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Chicago, and Eugene Woods, President & CEO, Atrium Health who is the keynote speaker.

“This conference provides a clear path to understanding where we are and what we need to do to push DEI efforts forward and forge real change in the workplace,” Pamela McElvane said, chief executive officer, Diversity MBA Media. “Executive leadership programs with sponsorships are on the rise; however, advancement of people of color continues to move slowly. For example, according to our 2021 Inclusive Leadership Index Research, 81 percent of White Americans continue to occupy the C-suite while 36 percent are White female and 29 percent are people of color.  White men continue to dominate the leadership ranks.”

  “All attendees will be empowered and enlightened by presentations from CEOs and thought leaders committed to making a difference and showing the way to achieve real change, diversity and equity in the workplace for women and diverse managers,” McElvane said.

The conference is designed for and speaks directly to business leaders at the director level and above, diversity leaders and practitioners, human resources practitioners, entrepreneurs and college students with a focus on business and marketing. Participants will be educated, stimulated and challenged to forge a path for growth and improvement in implementing DEI best practices and strategies to ensure diversity in the workplace at all levels, in all industries.

Conference registration is underway now through September 20, 2022, at https://diversitymbamagazine.com/dmba-national-conference/. For more conference or registration information, contact 833-362-2100.


About Diversity MBA

Diversity MBA offers an array of publishing services and media for workplaces, professionals and students. Diversity MBA Media houses the Diversity MBA Magazines, publications chocked full of profiles of professionals, as well as notes of recognition and other newsworthy items in the diversity and inclusion space. Diversity Learning Solutions offers our learning and behavior practices, consulting, business training nuggets and webinars. The 3I Institute houses our benchmarking and leadership indexes.

About Pamela McElvane

Pamela McElvane, MBA, MA, MCPC, is the CEO and founder of P&L Group, Ltd which has 3 key brands: Diversity MBA Media, 3I Research Institute & Diversity Learning Solutions, headquartered in Chicago, IL. Ms. McElvane has spent more than 25 years working with large and midsize companies providing insights and best practices, leadership and executive coaching, strategy, and organizational management. She is the author of The SkiNY on Diversity Recruiting.

Diversity MBA’s key brands positions companies to recognize top talent, celebrate diversity leadership, and support thought leaders. Diversity MBA Media publishes three magazines and distributes to 1.95 million subscribers, print and digital. Inclusive Leadership Index has surveyed more than 1,500 unique companies across industries and recognized more than 700 companies for the Best Places for Women and Managers of Color to Work, and 78 companies in the 2021 inaugural issue of Diversity Benchmarking Index. Diversity MBA’s Top 100 under 50 also recognized 1,500 leaders with advanced degrees for outstanding leadership and service. Diversity Learning Solutions has trained more than 30,000 professionals within the past decade. And Diversity MBA partners and supports more than 35 professional associations and minority businesses as of January 2021.

Ms. McElvane hosts a weekly talk show: The Inclusive Voice on 820 AM WCLT. She serves as an expert panelist for Global Diversity Equity & Inclusion Center, media expert, published in numerous publications and has received many honors for her work. She is also a certified master coach providing board development and executive legacy coaching.

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