Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Accountability without Consequence is Meaningless… Our Black & Brown Youth will not Grow Old 

CHICAGO – Pamela McElvane, the CEO of DiversityMBA and one of the nation’s foremost authorities on diversity, equity and inclusion in corporate America and other sectors, issued the following statement today in response to the Derek Chauvin verdict:

“When my grandmother hummed the old gospel tune ‘Bridge Over Troubled Waters,’ she was thanking the higher power for getting her though just one more incomprehensible experience that could have caused devastation. Today, I celebrate the verdict of the trial in George Floyd’s murder, but I still feel heightened fear and frustration about the safety of our young men and women.

“The conviction of Derek Chauvin is a step forward – it is, indeed, a bridge over troubled waters. We recognize that it is necessary to celebrate the milestones of progress as we bring about change. However, we are not moving fast enough; black and brown lives are still being lost unjustly due to police action. Too many of our youth will not get a chance to grow old.

“We must remember that we are dealing with institutional racism that has become systemically manifested in weaponizing privilege of those in authority. Changing this behavior will take time. The civil rights movement took decades to get the legislation that made the difference. We cannot wait decades. We need to accelerate accountability for reform of police practices now, before the losses are no longer bearable.

“We have a system that requires all branches of our nation to come together for systemic change, and that is difficult to do quickly. We desire the Department of Justice to investigate not only one city’s police department, but to review police practices throughout this nation. Then we need legislation that updates police practices and increases accountability of police behavior. Then, we need to have behavioral life training to change the mentality of police officers who, too often, when they see black and brown citizens, look at them differently than they do white citizens.

“And, finally, I will say that people of color, too, are accountable to follow the law and to take responsibility when in the presence of authority. Only then, can we bring about change. Only then will we together make impact.”

Pamela McElvane is one of the nation’s leading experts on diversity, equity and inclusion and publishing. DiversityMBA magazine is one of the top publications for business professionals, educators and others dedicated to creating a culture in business and all areas of society that provides access and opportunities to all people. For additional information on DiversityMBA and sister companies, visit and;

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