DiversityMBA Announces Dream Team: Board Leadership in Action

Nereida Perez of McCormick & Company Appointed Board Chair 

Kirsten Marriner of The Clorox Company Appointed Vice Chair 

CHICAGO April 13 – DiversityMBA, one of the nation’s leading organizations that addresses diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and society, announced new appointments on its 16-member board of directors, effective [immediately].

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Nereida (Neddy) Perez, Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at McCormick & Company, a global leader in flavor, has been named chair of the board, replacing Dr. James Taylor, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer and Chief Talent Management at the UPMC, who had served as chair for past three years.

‘‘I’m excited to step into the role of board chair,” said Perez who had been serving as DiversityMBA’s vice chair of the board for the last three years. “We have an amazing group of leaders representing businesses that are committed to continuing to advance diversity, inclusion and equity within organizations and communities, including surfacing critical topics and focusing on talent pipeline to ensure today’s workforce represents our increasingly diverse nation.”

Kirsten Marriner, Executive Vice President and Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer at The Clorox Company, has been appointed to vice chair. Marriner has been serving on the DiversityMBA board for three years.

“Serving on the DiversityMBA board is a personal passion and professional mission.” Marriner said. “Organizations can only achieve their full potential if they prioritize inclusion and diversity, and benefit from the richness of diverse backgrounds, thought and experiences.”

“At Clorox, inclusion and diversity is embedded in our corporate strategy,” Marriner continued. “It’s reflected in our values, the choices we make and in the kind of culture that we believe will make us a stronger team and enable us to better serve our consumers and communities. As a board member of DiversityMBA, I value learning and collaborating with like-minded companies, and I’m proud to continue being part of the organization’s ongoing mission to drive change that will make us better as a business community and a society. Serving on this board is one way that I can be a part of the solution.”

DiversityMBA believes a board that truly reflects America and one with the expertise to guide the organization is extremely important. The board provides insights and direction for DiversityMBA as the organization strives to continue providing cutting edge and timely information, critical data and expert counsel to organizations.

Pamela McElvane, CEO of DiversityMBA and publisher of the organization’s magazines, speaks proudly about the “dream team” board, that has been appointed. The executives are at the top of their game, she said, and they are from industries across the board. This is the first time, she noted, that two women will hold the top two leadership posts on the board since its establishment 15 years ago.

“They are the leaders pivoting change in their organizations, making the difficult decisions every day when it comes to strategy and how their companies must adjust to address racism, inequities, implicit bias, and other systemic issues in the workplace, and these are the folks are just doing it,” McElvane said. “They are creating the kind of change for today’s new normal, and these individuals are representing industries across the marketplace.”

McElvane highlighted how some of the board members work for companies like Atrium Health, WellStar Health, UPMC, Novant Health, Froedtert Health, Wal-Mart, Zurich Insurance, McCormick & Company and Clorox, which are on the front line addressing the issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They are showing up in terms of providing products and services for people during this pandemic like no other, and they are also keeping people working,” McElvane said. “Some of them have made major contributions in the community. They are walking the walk. Their CEOs have been talking the talk and have made commitments by demonstrating and investing and making sure these communities are getting what they need during the pandemic and going forward. Every one of them did what was necessary to make sure their employees were in a safe environment. Even with the inequities, the racism, and the white supremacy, they were right there on the forefront.”

Due to the advice and support from this collective body, McElvane said DiversityMBA remains competitive in the marketplace is ready for the challenges and the unknowns. “They help us deal with the possibilities that have yet to be discovered,” McElvane said. “They help us pivot so we are preventive and not reactive. Now, we have lasting power that will allow us to remain at the table indefinitely helping corporations become the real catalyst for change in America.”

Pamela McElvane is one of the nation’s leading experts on diversity, equity and inclusion and publishing. DiversityMBA magazine is one of the top publications for business professionals, educators and others dedicated to creating a culture in business and all areas of society that provides access and opportunities to all people. For additional information on DiversityMBA and sister companies, visit https://diversitymbamagazine.com & https://diversitybusinessreview.com; To arrange an interview with Pamela McElvane, contact Jerry Thomas at jerry@jerrythomaspr.com, or (312) 414-4016.

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