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Progress made, still a long way to go!

June 27, 2022

Media Contact: Carolyn Tucker

CHICAGO, IL – Diversity MBA Magazine today released the 16th Annual List of 50 Out Front: Best Places to Work for Women and Diverse Managers ranking and has named Atrium Health as the No. 1 company for 2022. Blue Cross Blue Shield, Michigan is No. 2, and L’Oréal USA earned the No. 3 spot. (The entire list is below.)

Companies are ranked using Diversity MBA’s benchmarking metrics, which measure how companies and organizations intentionally invest in strategies and practices to advance women and managers of diverse backgrounds.

“Progress continues as companies become more involved and committed to investing in and accelerating minority talent in the workforce”, Pamela McElvane said, CEO and publisher of Diversity MBA Magazine. More CEOs are speaking out in support of projects and initiatives to train managers in how to invest in new talent and not feel threatened, as well as create workplaces where women and managers of color feel like they belong.”

“The progress made is significant and should be championed, but the road ahead for more effort and results is great. There is still a wide gap in the number of women and managers of color who excel to the c-suite with a ratio of 2:7, compared to their white male counterparts,” McElvane said.

Diversity MBA’s methodology consists of a multitiered process that involves primary and secondary research. Companies are selected based on scores in six categories: representation, board diversity, recruitment, workplace inclusion, retention, succession planning and accountability.

The annual list also recognizes “Best in Class Companies” in each category, as well as 18 other specialty categories.

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2022 50 Out Front Best Places to Work for Women & Diverse Managers: Rank Order

Top Ten 2022 “50 Out Front Companies for Diversity Leadership: Best Places to Work for Women & Diverse Managers, Best in Class”

The Best in Class categories recognize organizations that have shown outstanding results and made significant progress in the categories listed below Recruitment, Representation, Succession Planning, Workplace Inclusion & Retention, Accountability, and Board Diversity.

2022 Specialty List: Top 5 Companies

These companies listed below have the most comprehensive process with accountabiltiy and achieved outcomes