Aon Corp. – 2011 50 Out Front #45

Chicago, IL
59, 100 employees

Founded 1919
CEO: Greg Case
CDE: LaShana Jackson

Aon’s diversity/inclusion group partners with its leadership to ensure workplace diversity with inclusive practices across the company. Open to all employees, Aon’s Business Networking Groups are independent voluntary groups that respond to employee needs. While they primarily focus on professional development and connecting to our clients, Aon Working Parents and Aon Inc (for employees under 35) are employee-driven groups. Inspired by the concept of “think Globally, act locally, Aon’s local diversity councils are international, and work to enhance smaller local office inclusiveness through awareness activities and community focused events. Aon’s supplier diversity program is designed to provide diverse suppliers equal access to purchasing and sourcing opportunities. The firm is committed to a meaningful supplier diversity strategy, both within the organization and to the extent it can help clients enhance their supplier diversity strategy. Finally, Aon’s recruiting team is dedicated to seeking out the best talent possible, creating a diversity recruiting task force.

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