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Pavan Pidugu, MS, MBA Chief Technology Officer Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin US Department of Transportation

Pavan is a visionary and goal-oriented leader with over a decade of experience in carrying out technological innovations in the retail industry for global players. With extensive experience in such global retail brands as Target and Walmart, Pavan has built a strong reputation in innovation and leadership in retail technology and received many awards, including the 2014 Innovator of the Year award for his efforts to change the retail systems landscape for the world’s largest retailer. Pavan recently transitioned to the public sector to bring radical transformation to an underserved sector, serving as the Chief Technology Officer at FMCSA, an agency in the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Pavan is a transformational leader that believes technology alone will not solve anything, but instituting People and Processes with Technology does its wonders, and he is an expert in integrating all three facets of transformation. Pavan is constantly looking out to add technology-driven business value and growing the next generation of leaders in the process. Pavan also enjoys teaching and is a keynote speaker in multiple conferences and universities and a visiting faculty at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY.