Nordstrom Inc. – 2012 50 Out Front # 42

Nordstrom Inc.

Seattle, WA
56,500 employees (approx.)
CEO: Blake W. Nordstrom
CDE: Delena M. Sunday

Diversity mission: We value the richness that diversity brings to our workforce. It makes our company better and the communities we serve stronger. We are proud of our efforts to maintain a workforce that represents many backgrounds, and are deeply committed to cultivating an environment where the contributions of every employee, customer, and vendor are respected.

Upscale retailer Nordstrom operates over 231 department stores in 31 states. Its best- in- class customer service, down-to-earth atmosphere and luxury wares have helped to develop a client base known for its almost fanatical devotion to the brand. A predominantly female clientele is served by a predominantly female management team: more than 70% of Nordstrom’s management team is women. 31% of managers are people of color. The Board of Directors includes representatives from these groups as well. Formal diversity training begins day one for all employees. A successful and award-winning Supplier Diversity Program, started in 1989, includes outreach to businesses that can contribute to any facet of the company’s success from construction and improvement of retail sites to the delivery of fashions to the selling floor. Nordstrom recognized more than a decade ago that it needed to better reflect customer diversity in its marketing. One result – since the early ‘90s the company has featured disabled individuals in its fashion advertising.

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