University Of Houston – 2011 50 Out Front #44

Houston, TX
4,020 employees

Founded 1927
Chancellor: Renu Khator
CDE: Craig Clayton

Ranked second in the country among research universities for campus ethnic diversity by U.S. News & World Report last year, UH’s student population is 12.6 % African-American, 19.5% Asian-American, 22.3% Hispanic, 1.6% multiracial, and .3% each Pacific Islander and Native American. Beyond this, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences wants the school to also lead in faculty diversity and interdisciplinary collaboration. To partially reach that objective, it created an ad hoc committee on diversity. The committee’s initial charge is to review the college’s data on ethnic, gender and racial diversity and retention of faculty, staff, and students and recommend enhancements. UH also holds an annual Diversity Institute, a campus- wide event developed to explore issues related to diversity and multiculturalism. Beyond these, the school’s International Institute for Diversity & Cross Cultural Management offers a diversity management certificate program, a training program that provides real world opportunities for people to learn the skills necessary for diversity professionals.

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