University Of Houston – 2012 50 Out Front # 45

University Of Houston

Houston, TX
6.800 employees (approx)
CEO: Dr. Renu Khator
CDE: Dr. Elwyn C. Lee

Diversity mission: The mission of the University of Houston is to offer nationally competitive and internationally recognized opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting.

UH was a pioneering school for diversity, and hasn’t looked back since the 1960s. Over 57% of its student body of 39,000 is minority, and 26% of its faculty, and it’s looking to grow those numbers. The Community Relations and Institutional Access (CRIA) office was created about 14 months ago and is focused on community partnerships, improving access to college and enhancing student success. It primary mission is “to ensure that the culture, decisions, practices and policies of the university create a campus climate that is accommodating and accessible to the full range of diverse populations, especially as it relates to faculty and staff opportunities, and to affirm the University’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity on campus and throughout the community.” For internal accountability, three campus units report to this office: the Women’s Resource Center; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center;, and Center for Students with Disabilities. Additional responsibilities include a recent assigned position of liaison to the University Commission on Women.

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