Annum Ghayas, MBA – 2017 Top 100 Under 50 Emerging Leader


Annum Ghayas, MBA
Financial Coordinator
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Wayne State University

Annum Ghayas is a Financial Coordinator at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. She ensures alignment of financial results across the business and supports enterprise wide P&L reporting for Finance executive leadership. Ghayas serves on the leadership teams of several of Blue Cross’s Employee Resource Networks, showcasing her strong commitment to the community and inclusiveness. As a leader in the Multicultural Network, she led the organization of corporate-wide events, fostering cultural education within the workforce. Ghayas also was critical in helping to launch the South Asian Network, one of the company’s newest networks. Currently, she is a leader for the Young Professionals Network, fostering opportunities for professional development of employees across generations. Her work in this space is embodied in her service as a coordinator of the Finance Intern Program. Ghayas holds a bachelor’s degree in Business– Accounting, and an MBA in Finance from Wayne State University.