Lena McIntyre, MS – 2017 Top 100 Under 50 Emerging Leader


Lena McIntyre, MS
Project Manager
Walden University

Lena McIntyre is currently a Project Manager at The Nielsen Company where she has held successive technology roles for the past 5 years. As a PM at Nielsen, her responsibilities include IT governance, risk, and compliance activities.  In her position, Lena’s priorities are to develop and improve Nielsen’s policy management, policy implementation, risk rating, risk acceptance, risk integration, remediation monitoring activities, regulatory compliance and auditing frameworks.  Lena is passionate about diversity and professional development. She is a diversity leader, advocate, and contributor to the Employee Resource Group Program and Diversity & Inclusion Groups at Nielsen.  She is also a mentor to numerous individuals, furthering Nielsen’s goal of recruiting and sustaining African-American talent within its middle management tiers. Lena McIntyre has a M.S from Walden University.