Diversity MBA Releases Inaugural Annual Issue of Diversity Benchmarking Index (DBI)

CHICAGO, Ill –   The Diversity Benchmarking Index (DBI) is now available. P&L Group Holding company has created preeminent diversity solutions to help companies execute their diversity and talent management strategies for more than two decades.  Diversity Benchmarking Index (DBI) is a supplemental platform used in aiding companies in understanding gaps within their D&I strategy and gain marketplace recognition.

“We are happy to continue to recognize companies for diversity excellence,” says publisher Pam McElvane.  The Diversity Benchmarking Index recognized 58 companies that achieved a score of 100 in each of the seven categories measured.  Bank of America, Loreal USA, UPMC, Diageo, NA, JLL Americas, AT& T, Atrium Health, Colgate-Palmolive, The Clorox Company, to name a few have achieved 100 in multiple categories  For the full list click here.

Companies that participate in our Inclusive Leadership Index for ranking are automatically given access to the Benchmarking Index. This allows companies to measure their progress against best practice standards. This index represents 36 different industries across the disciplines, such as: Automotive, Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Consumers, et.al.

The primary goal of the Benchmarking Index is to help companies realize the difficulty of achieving 100 across our seven (7) categories that are measured. The seven categories include Recruitment, Representation, Board Diversity, Workplace Inclusion & Retention, Succession Planning, Accountability, and Global Impact & Initiatives.

Our Inclusive Leadership Index is now open for companies to register. The completed survey is due May 31st, 2020. This survey is part of the foundation of choosing the top 50 companies to be recognized as the “50 Out Front Best Places to Work for Women & Diverse Managers.

Please contact Pam McElvane at pam@diversitymbamagazine.com or Erika Thompson at erika@diversitymbamagazine.com with any questions. You can also call  (833) -362- 2100 with questions as well.

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