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So you want ME to BRING IT?

  In the spirit of inclusion and cultural awareness, kudos to the companies who believe in fostering an environment that supports uniqueness and differences. The assumption is that employee resource groups and/or affinity groups are a foundation upon which to build exposure to and education about different cultures and beliefs in the workplace. “This leads […]

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Dr. David Jamieson, 2014 Conference Speaker

2014 Conference – Diversity Leadership Session Speakers

Learn about Doug Harris, Sharon Leslie Morgan, Morgan DeWolf & Dr. Jamieson before attending the 2014 Diversity Leadership Conference & Gala.

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Tattooed Handshake

More and More Professionals are Wearing Ink

Tattoos used to be the mark of rebels and people living on the outskirts of society. Now, a significant number of employees and job applicants have tattoos and, increasingly, it is a matter that must be dealt with as part of the job application process.

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Veteran Photographer Extends His Creativity

Victor Powell, experience photographer and entrepreneur, talks about his evolving business and new book.

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Charmon Parker Williams: 2013 Diversity MBA Conference Speaker

Learn more about Charmon Parker Williams, who’ll be a speaker at the 2013 Diversity Leadership Conference & Award Gala.

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Professional Networking

Our Best Professional Networking Articles

Here are some of best professional networking articles. The venues change but the need to engage with people, make a positive impression, and build trust will always exist. Here’s how you do it.

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Calling Card

The Lost Art of Business Etiquette by Josephine Nicolas

Learn the essentials for making a good impression in both formal and informal business settings.

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Using Linkedin to Link Up

5 Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Many of LinkedIn’s most useful features and applications go mostly untapped by casual users. Here are five quick tips to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile.

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