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Impact of Olympics on Brazil

So what do the Olympics mean for Brazil? Possibly, quite a great deal. The election of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s biggest city, as host for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games is expected to cause a sharp increase in foreign investment in the country.

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international mba

MBAs Across Borders: International Business Schools

As businesses become increasingly global, MBA programs are following suit with the emergence of truly international business schools, offering innovative courses that allow students to understand and experience business around the world.

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Collaborative Leadership

Leaders Must Develop and Nurture Collaboration

Advancing technology is erasing boundaries between individuals, nations, and organizations…This inclusive world requires us to work together in achieving common goals that benefit the common good.

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The Soul of a Woman: Dr. Maya Angelou

For more than four decades Angelou has dared millions to be formidable, educated and enthusiastic about life and its sometimes tumultuous curves.

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Nurturing a Global Outlook for Entrepreneurs

Patrice Kelly talks with Dr. Robert Hisrich of the Thunderbird School of Global Management about the advantages of a global business outlook and the opportunities for entrepreneurs.

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The Little Red Book of China Business Cover

Book Review: The Little Red Book of China Business

Melvin argues that the text has been a critical factor in the lives of millions of Chinese, and companies who want to do well selling to this growing market would do well to understand how its lessons continue to inform the Chinese character.

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Understanding Relationship Structures in Different Cultures

Establishing the context of the relationship is very important in certain cultures because that’s going to dictate how this interaction is going to take place. For Americans, we tend to separate that line. We’re going to communicate the same way with everybody.”

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How Can the US Education System Better Prepare Students for Global Competition

Is there something missing from US Education? What can we do to make kids more aware of the world and prepare them for the global competition that awaits them.

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