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“It’s about creating space for individuals. Our identities shouldn’t create bigger silos, they should create more connectivity. Through that connectivity and having more diverse perspectives in every room, we’re creating a space where better ideas rise to the top and people feel more comfortable in their own skin.” -Kaela B., Manager, Diversity and Inclusion

Aramark’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is centered around their workforce, workplace, and marketplace. Aramark strives to create and build structures, programs and systems that can create positive change and offer their employees opportunities for growth in an inclusive environment. All Aramark employees have access to growing network of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Their ten ERGs help to create a more inclusive workplace and give voice to the diverse communities that make up Aramark’s workforce. Additionally, Aramark ensures equity in their recruiting practices. When it comes to the workplace, Aramark is determined to create a welcoming place for the expression and education of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. The marketplace is Aramark applies their diversity mission in their communities. They strive each day to create client and consumer value by partnering with diverse suppliers, engaging with the community through service projects, and delivering culturally relevant products and services.

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