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Christopher J Nasseta


Jon Munoz


“In our 100th year, with more than 160 million guests and 400,000 team members, we serve and employ individuals from every walk of life. We’re very proud to have built an inclusive and award winning culture that keeps diversity at the center of everything we do.”- Chris Nasseta

As titans of the hospitality industry, it’s no wonder Hilton is so committed to making sure their workforce feels welcome and supported no matter where they are in the world. Their efforts begin from the very top with President and CEO Chris Nassetta, who chairs the Hilton Executive Inclusion Council (EIC). The EIC is comprised of the company’s most senior leaders and oversees Hilton’s diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives. Additionally, diversity initiatives, programs and metrics are reviewed annually with Hilton’s diverse Board of Directors and Hilton’s Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGs) are sponsored by their most senior leaders. To maintain accountability, Hilton requires quarterly reporting of workforce diversity metrics to improve visibility of diverse talent. Hilton also helps to ensure equity in the marketplace by engaging, supporting, and creating business opportunities within local communities. They have various strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations and marketing campaigns to diversify customer segments, in addition to creating property ownership opportunities for women and people of color.

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