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Alex Gorsky


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“Diversity & Inclusion at Johnson & Johnson is not just a commitment—it is the reality of how we live and work. The best innovations can only come if our people reflect the world’s full diversity of individuals, opinions and approaches.” – Alex Gorksy

Alongside creating one of the nation’s leading Covid-19 vaccines, Johnson and Johnson have also ensured the continued promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion values throughout their organization. J&J’s global Diversity & Inclusion strategy has three pillars that reflect the strategic priorities the company has in promoting equity inside and outside of the organization.
The first pillar is centered around the advancement of inclusion and innovation through fostering culture of belonging and breakthroughs at Johnson & Johnson. The second pillar focuses on expanding the diversity of the workforce. One way the company is nurturing this idea is by helping STEM2D professionals return to work after an extended break through the Re-Ignite program. Lastly, J&J looks to enhance both their business results and their reputation. One of their strategies for doing this is through instituting the Johnson & Johnson Diversity & Inclusion Honors in 2019 as a way to celebrate J&J teams across the globe that are making a difference through innovative strategies to build diversity, advance inclusion, and enhance business.