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Idaho National Labs

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John Wagner


Toni L Carter


For years now, Idaho National Labs (INL) have worked to establish themselves as a model of inclusivity in the workplace. In 2017, INL’s Laboratory Director inspired the organization with a clear, ambitious call-to-action: To double INL’s number of women and people of color while strengthening long-established success among military veterans and employees with disabilities. As of May 2021, INL remains on track to achieve this goal in 2024. They have established programming both internally (within the organization), and externally (within their communities) to enable the growth of an equitable environment for their employees and neighbors. Externally, INL has lead Idaho by setting inclusion standards for charity donations, supplier diversity, and public visibility. On an internal level, INL has folded inclusion into their employment branding and recruitment outreach, as well as developed benefits packages which were inclusive of a diverse, multi-generational workforce. Additionally, INL deployed a dynamic series of learning experiences to engage thousands of employees annually in basic inclusion concepts like building bridges with people “different like me” and breaking biases. This strong foundation enabled INL to accelerate inclusion during the difficult year 2020-21. This involved a host of diverse new hires and the creation of a more connected community as their inclusion platform expanded to tackle critical 2020 topics like grief, trauma, stress, and wellbeing.