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David McKay


Ali Najafi

For those at RBC Wealth Management, upholding the values of diversity equity and inclusion are top priorities as it is their goal to be among the most inclusive and successful companies. RBC’s Diversity and Inclusion Blueprint is composed of three pillars. The first pillar is dedicated to their talent. RBC understands that an inclusive environment must be ensure in order to attract, retain, and enable the best talent to increase diversity among their leaders. RBC’s four long standing employee resource groups contribute heavily toward this goal as does their commitment to being equal opportunity employers. The second pillar is dedicated to the welfare of their clients. RBCs members work hard to provide their clients with advice and solutions that will properly reflect the diversity of their clients. The third pillar of the Blueprint concerns the communities that RBC serves. Their goal is to aid their communities in strengthening their social and economic development. They plan to do this through corporate citizenship and partnerships. Some examples include RBC’s sponsored races that help global children’s causes as well as their support of nonprofit organizations like, Women Employed.

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