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Rocket Company

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Jay Farner


Trina Scott

At Rocket diversity equity and inclusion are known to be essential to the organization’s success. Their DEI strategy has four main pillars. The first pillar is dedicated to the creation of a diverse workforce. When hiring they look to create high performance teams by acquiring team members who will bring forth diverse ideas, experiences, and perspectives. The second pillar is centered around the celebration and support of Rocket’s team members. This is ensuring with the help of their Team Member Resource Networks and by providing employees with events centered around sparking dialogue and creating an environment that thrives on DEI. The next pillar is focused on strengthening the communities Rocket operates in. They do this by developing partnerships with residents, businesses and organizations that can make a positive impact on those communities. Rocket also created the Rocket Community Fund which seeks to support communities in need by making data-driven investments in housing, employment, and public life. Lastly, Rocket seeks to cultivate diverse partnerships. They accomplish this goal by founding and nurturing relationships with diverse vendors who will help them affirm their commitment to diversity to their clients and the communities they serve. This includes the support of local businesses and entrepreneurs when procuring goods and services.

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