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TD Bank

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Greg Baca


Girish Ganeson


At TD Bank, leaders find it imperative to uphold diversity and inclusion among employees, customers, and suppliers. As such, they work to ensure that all employees feel they are a part of an inclusive culture that celebrates them and encourages growth. TD makes sure to recruit, on board and retain top talent and encourages their growth with the help of their six Business Resource Groups (BRGs). Members of these groups are encouraged to identify a BRG lead and executive sponsor who champion its mandates, goals, and objectives. These leads are then presented with the opportunity to represent the BRG before senior leadership and advocate on their group’s behalf. Provided with these insights TD has been better able to provide accommodations and accessibility to suit the needs of their diverse talent. As a whole, the BRGs allow the bank to build employee engagement/retention, recruitment, business development, community outreach, career development/talent and market insights. TD also provide their customer base with multilingual services and materials. They also continuously make improvements to the accessibility of our stores. Additionally, TD is dedicated to investing in community programs to promote, celebrate and recognize diversity. To ensure supplier diversity, TD instituted the North American Supplier Diversity Program which creates a level playing field for diverse suppliers.

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