2009 50 Out Front

50 Out Front Companies for Diversity Leadership: 2009 Awardees

1.Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser Permanente has a tradition of diversity, inclusion, innovation, and advocacy. The integrated managed-care organization has developed a multifaceted diversity program that serves as a primary strategy to build, sustain, and continually improve its core business of providing quality, affordable healthcare services….
Through a variety of diversity and inclusion initiatives, Wal-Mart is able to attract, hire, develop, and retain talent. Its Diversity Goals Program is focused on the enhancement of its management pipeline through inclusion. Managers are required to mentor at least three associates, including those of diverse race, gender or background. …
3.Credit Suisse
The financial giant demonstrates its commitment to diversity at all its locations through its Global Diversity & Inclusion policy. It seeks to motivate employees by establishing an open and diverse workplace, adding value to the company through identifying and training expertise, and demonstrating a commitment to supporting diversity beyond the corporate walls through sponsorships and partnerships….
The company has made a special commitment to providing opportunities for women to succeed and advance. Mentoring programs pair women executives with senior mentors, and offer virtual workshops and networking information. For women juggling family responsibilities, Accenture offers flexible work arrangements, and a program to help new parents return to their work roles and responsibilities after starting their families….
5.American Express
The company’s overall diversity strategy is guided by Blue Box Diversity Councils, one each for American and international operations. The councils are composed of senior leaders from across the company, and focus on areas including development and environment, supplier diversity and selection and hiring. In addition, Amex maintains 11 employee networks with 49 global chapters, which sponsor job fairs, enhance marketing efforts to targeted communities, and support employee recruitment and retention efforts….
Long before Comcast was a multi-platform provider of digital communications services (including cable, telephone and Internet), it was a champion of diversity. Company founder Ralph Roberts was a leading voice in several diversity-minded organizations including the National Conference for Community and Justice and the National Liberty Museum. His son, Brian, has not only taken the reins of the company, he’s also continued its tradition of diversity stewardship….
Accountability is at the heart of Verizon’s corporate diversity strategy. It measures how employees feel about the climate for diversity by extracting data from the broader employee opinion survey. And it tracks the demographics of each line of business against specific goals, in addition to the numbers of diverse candidates hired and promoted. Senior leaders are rewarded for meeting their goals through performance incentives tied to short-term compensation….
8.Bank of America
At BOA, there is a company-wide structure to oversee diversity at every level of the organization. At the top, the executive Global Diversity and Inclusion Council sets the corporate tone, establishing the direction and overseeing the implementation of the bank’s diversity policy. The group is headed by the former leader of the Disablity Affinity group. The bank also has diversity councils across each of its business lines, and in each of its operating regions domestically and internationally….
9.JP Morgan Chase
The $2.2 trillion global financial services firm takes an expansive view of what diversity means. The company considers not only commonly used distinctions (race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, etc.), but also a broader secondary level, including factors such as economic status, communication and work styles, language/accent, family status, and geographic location. This definition of diversity indicates the bank’s commitment to maximizing the unique perspectives and contributions of every employee towards boosting the bottom line….
10.Pepsi Co.
A Global Diversity and Inclusion Governance Council sets the tone for PepsiCo’s diversity efforts. The council is co-chaired by the chairman and chief diversity officer, and includes members from both within and beyond the company’s ranks. It is charged with advancing the company’s diversity and inclusion efforts with the goal of using diversity to drive bottom-line achievement. There are separate councils for each of PepsiCo’s international regions, which deal with the diversity issues specific to their areas….
11.Well Point
The Diversity and Workplace Culture Ambassadors (DWCA) program weaves diversity, company values, and corporate culture into the fabric of the organization. The DWCA focuses on raising awareness and engagement among all WellPoint associates. Ambassadors plan and implement local events and activities and volunteer their time to act as champions for creating dialogue, interaction, and engagement around the company’s diversity and workplace culture efforts….
12.DePaul University
The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (OIDE) at DePaul provides both on-demand and scheduled professional development training. The heart of the training philosophy is to provide interactive, productive, practical, developmental sessions that effectively introduce diversity competencies and skills that ultimately establish best practices in the workplace and classroom….
13.Federal Express
FedEx doesn’t deliver on its diversity promise only to employees, but also to the community. More than 40% of the company’s U.S. workforce and 27% of its management team are minorities….
14.Northern Trust
The Chairman’s Diversity Advocate Award Program recognizes employees who champion and make contributions to the company’s diversity efforts. Widespread Diversity at Work training continuously improves the abilities of work groups to value their people and all of their contributions. In order to keep the best people, the company has work-life programs such as flexible scheduling, on-site childcare at headquarters, and rigorous career-development programs….
Within its Individual Development Planning (IDP) program, employees partner with their managers to identify skills, behaviors, and knowledge needed to achieve specific goals. The company’s global succession planning identifies and develops the next two to three generations of leaders. Skill development includes formal classroom study, sharing best practices globally, and developing practical work applications based on real-world experiences….
Convergys has a diversity curriculum. With the company’s expanding global presence, the demand for customer and employee interactions across cultures continues to grow. This is being addressed through a multi-dimensional, multicultural skills-based learning experience called Operating in a Global Environment (OGE). OGE is designed to help employees accomplish their goals of working in a changing, multicultural workplace….
17.American Airlines
Company-sponsored employee resource groups (ERGs), which are established by employees to highlight identity and advocacy and to provide opportunities for professional development, community involvement, and business contribution. There are 16 ERGs that include: 40+ (generational), African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Caribbean, Christian, Employees with disabilities, GLBT, Generation NOW, Hispanic/Latin, Indian, Jewish, Muslim, American Indian, Parents at Work, Veteran Military and Women in AAviation….
ts workforce mirrors the diverse markets it serves. Of its nearly 36,000 employees, 60% are women and nearly 30% are minorities. More than 40% of officers and managers are women and approximately 20% come from one of five minority groups. And of the nearly 13,000 Allstate agencies, nearly 40% are women and more than 20% are minorities….
At MillerCoors, it’s all about partnerships. The company partners with organizations that celebrate and work on issues important to advancing diversity, including those that support diversity education, urban entrepreneurs, university education, and heritage initiatives….
At CSX, it’s clear what diversity and inclusion are not. They’re not limited to race and gender, and not about preferences or quotas, changing people’s beliefs, or Affirmative action. Simply put, it means engaging everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, tenure, railroad affiliation, physical challenges, sexual orientation, geographic location, educational level, income, or life experience….
The line of business diversity committees develop and implement strategies and programs designed to foster and support diversity goals and an understanding of the importance of diversity within the lines of business. The diversity action teams develop and promote initiatives that reinforce the inclusive work environment at each MetLife site in order to promote the company’s commitment to diversity and to continue putting MetLife’s enterprise-wide diversity strategies into play….
Through a partnership between Corporate Diversity and Vanguard University, the company offers a full curriculum of training that moves employees along the diversity continuum from awareness to maturity. The core curriculum consists of more than a dozen sessions that serve as critical components of leadership training, as well as stand alone offerings….
Citi’s Diversity Operating Council, made up of senior diversity and human resources leaders from core businesses and regions, provides support and accountability. The council regularly reviews progress against its diversity strategy; shares best practices across businesses; aligns diversity policies globally, and develops, promotes, and executes global diversity initiatives through the business diversity councils, which focus on dimensions of diversity such as disability, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual orientation….
The company has a 10-word vision statement: “Making people’s lives better by unleashing the power of Cummins,” from which all things flow. It says it has worked hard to create a “New Cummins” that is less cyclical, more diversified, and better positioned to be a global leader in all the markets it serves. The company has customers in 190 countries and territories through a network of more than 500 company-owned and independent distributor locations and approximately 5,200 dealer locations….
25.Sun Trust
At SunTrust, women and minorities are on the board of directors, as well as local community boards. They’re in leadership positions throughout the company, managing key lines of business, and are members of the governing Management Committee. As of March 31, 2007, the workforce was 68% female and 34% minority….
Diversity is a road well traveled at Harley. Through partnerships with local and national organizations, it provides scholarships to minority and female executives seeking to enhance their business management expertise. Scholarship recipients attend intensive educational programs conducted at some of the nation’s most distinguished institutions, including Tuck School of Business (Dartmouth College) and Kellogg Graduate School of Business (Northwestern University)….
27.Pitney Bowes
Pitney’s employee orientation program includes a formal diversity message, reinforced by diversity learning experiences that emphasize the value of diversity and establish a tone for the environment. There are regular diversity communications via voicemail, newsletters, and e-mail. A classroom and online diversity curriculum are available for employees. The company’s annual Diversity Festival celebrates the company’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic heritage….
28.Burger King
Diversity is integrated into every part of its business, including recruiting, retaining, and developing qualified workers from diverse backgrounds. Diversity education is part of the work agenda for employees and leadership….
With operations in 22 countries around the globe, diversity isn’t really optional at Staples. There’s an associate diversity plan of action and an organizational structure of six regional diversity task forces. The goals of the task forces are to increase awareness of the importance of diversity, reach out and engage with local communities through local organizations and universities and further increase diversity win the company’s sales organization….
Diversity is included in the company’s senior executive team talent (SET) management objectives and it has a set of minimum standards that support global alignment in the integration of diversity and inclusion into the human resources process….
One of the world’s largest accounting and accounting services firms, PwC is committed to developing and promoting women within its ranks. The Gender Advisory Council, a diverse, multinational group led by the CEO, is at the heart of their efforts….
32.Boston Consulting Group
With more than 65 offices in 35 countries, BCG relies upon and values a diverse team to solve a variety of business challenges for its clients. The company maintains four diversity networks to help make BCG a better place to work, as well as a more effective company. …
33.Cisco Systems
Cisco, the well-known supplier of business networking tools and solutions for the Internet, is growing a diverse team, with two-thirds of its U.S. hires in 2007 and 2008 either women or people of color. Cisco formed the Global Inclusion and Diversity Council in 2007 to integrate inclusion and diversity into business processes and operations at all levels. Council members also serve as executive sponsors for major diversity programs and key communicators of the diversity message….
34.Goldman Sachs
Goldman Sachs offers programs and initiatives to strengthen the retention and promote the development of diverse talent both within the firm and across the financial services industry. These programs often feature targeted events designed to provide visible role models, facilitate commercial development, encourage networking and comprehensively acknowledge the issues that can affect individuals in targeted populations….
The three-point plan, Diversity in Action (DNA), revolves around recruiting a diverse talent pool, developing full potential and capability, and including a diversity of perspectives. Its Scholars program has awarded more than $500,000 to 98 diverse high school and college students in Northern and Southern California to attend school and work as Genentech interns, and it supports the work of organizations like Sisters Network, Asian American Donor Program and Latinas Contra Cancer in bridging the multi-ethnic health gap….
Resource groups for African-Americans, Hispanic, Asian Indian and Chinese employees keep Compuware leadership in touch with these populations within the workforce, and support recruitment, cultural exchange (including celebrations at the company of major diverse holidays), and community outreach. The company supports both the community at-large and the future of the IT industry by sponsoring a team of high school students in the annual Black Data Processing Association computer competition….
37.Hewlett Packard
HP’s formal commitment to diversity dates back to the first official diversity statement issued by the CEO in the late 1970s, and the establishment of a black managers network. Today, a global diversity division supports business success worldwide at the corporate level, and a diversity council of senior leadership from each HP business develops, directs and champions diversity initiatives. The company has several diversity-friendly policies and practices, including employee network groups and, since the ‘90s, domestic partner benefits….
Since Microsoft formed an official diversity team in 1992 to concentrate on affirmative action efforts and community outreach, its diversity programs have become more strategic in nature, with added concentration on training and awareness, supplier diversity, targeted recruiting efforts, and integration of diversity and inclusion into every level of the company….
All member firms actively look for different approaches, skills, experience and opinions in recruiting candidates. KPMG has a strong coaching culture, and is committed to providing mentors and/or career coaches to employees considering advancement. It is also strongly committed to employee development, with extensive training programs at both the member firm and corporate levels….
In just 25 years, Qualcomm has grown from seven people meeting in a den into an $11 billion provider of wireless services and technology. That growth wouldn’t have been possible without a corporate culture that values the many competencies and perspectives a diverse workforce can provide. Qualcomm sees diversity and inclusion as encompassing people, communication and technology….
Aetna serves 36.5 million people with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care. Two tenets of the strategy to be “the industry leader in the diverse marketplace” are to build a workforce that fully understands the diverse communities where the company does business, and to develop a diverse supplier base reflecting the company’s multicultural environment. …
Google believes that to meet the needs of its ever-growing user population, it needs a broad diversity of perspectives and voices in the creation of its products. English-speaking users comprise only 30 percent of the total Internet population, and Google believes that to be competitive internationally its products need to speak all the languages its users speak. …
43.Cornell University
Cornell University seeks to foster diversity on a number of fronts – with faculty, women, students and suppliers….
IBM believes that its focus on global workforce diversity is a cornerstone of its strategy to differentiate itself as one of the world’s great technology companies. With employees in more than 75 countries and doing business in more than 170 countries, IBM believes that recognizing and valuing a culture of diversity and inclusiveness is an essential part of attracting and retaining the best talent. …
45.Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufactuing North America
Toyota commitment’s to diversity is an integral part of its success, and it believes this commitment must continue to grow sales. With a comprehensive strategy rooted in the Toyota principles of continuous improvement and respect for people, the company believes it has an opportunity to become a leader in corporate diversity….
At Mattel, a leader in manufacturing and marketing of toys and family products, including the enduring Barbie, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, American Girl, Radica and Fisher-Price brands, a guiding principle is that “Everyone Plays.” That principle is behind its diversity efforts through its Office of Global Diversity, allowing it to understand the business opportunities in various markets around the world and develop products that resonate with consumers in diverse cultures….
MasterCard’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Council helps management drive an agenda for change and guide the implementation of the company’s Global Diversity and Inclusion vision and strategy. The council, chaired by the CEO, meets quarterly and is comprised of senior leaders from each MasterCard global business units and regions. Council members serve as ambassadors of the diversity vision and strategy via ongoing communication and regular business activity….
48.New York Life
Without a richly diverse corporate culture, New York Life Insurance Co. could not have achieved the success it enjoys today, according to CEO Ted Mathas. Rather than expect employees and agents to adapt themselves to a single way of doing business, Mathas encourages everyone to bring their own cultural and intellectual perspectives to the table….
The worldwide (16,680 stores at the end of 2008) coffee giant lives by a simple equation: inclusion plus equity plus accessibility equals diversity. In practice, that means creating an atmosphere where all employees (or “partners”) can be themselves, and treat each other with dignity and respect….
Xerox’s commitment to diversity is evident at every level, including the very top. With chairman/CEO Anne M. Mulcahy and president Ursula M. Burns, the document management technology and services company is one of the few major American corporations with women in the top two leadership positions. They’re not alone: one in five at the vice president level or higher are women, and 23% are professionals of color. Further, Xerox’s 11-member board of directors has three black members and four female members….

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