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BayCare Health

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Tommy Inzina



BayCare Health System provides an all-inclusive and forward-thinking workplace for all of their employees. BayCare takes great pride in having a workforce that reflects the diversity of the patients they serve. As a part of their dedication to creating an inclusive workplace, BayCare provides support programs and initiatives to further enhance team member’s knowledge and understanding of diversity. This also strengthens their care and advances the services they provide on an individual level. BayCare Health leads their communities in providing employment opportunities for qualified and diverse candidates, and their commitment to diversity exemplifies the way they practice their values: Trust, Respect, Dignity, Responsibility and Excellence. Bay care promotes equality within their leadership, education, recruitment, and retention efforts. Their philosophy when it comes to their employees is to encourage them to learn, grow and develop.  As such BayCare helps to them to invest in their futures through succession planning, leadership development and educational programs such as tuition assistance, cross training and career counseling.

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