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Ralph De Chabert

“At Brown-Forman, diversity and inclusion management is a core competency. It is central to how we function as a company and key to our long-term sustainability. Additionally, we are aware that as an international company, we need to exhibit a diversity competence to work effectively across global markets with multicultural workforces.” – Ralph De Chabert

Brown-Forman’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) enhances the strength of their company.  Brown-Forman currently boasts more than 20 diversity and inclusion site councils, ensuring D&I is embedded into its everyday business around the world. Each site council has a leadership committee dedicated to advancing our education and supporting our goals. These committees focus their strategic efforts on supporting Brown-Forman’s four-pillar diversity strategy. Aside from these Site Councils, Brown-Forman also has ten Employee Resource Groups. At Brown-Forman, they are working to increase the relevance and appeal of their brands to diverse consumer groups, connecting their brands with women, People of Color, LGBTQ+, individuals who are differently abled, and all legal drinking age generations. As such, they look for diverse and inclusive suppliers that can address the needs of their rapidly growing consumer audience. Additionally, Brown-Forman partners with a number of organizations to further diversity initiatives in the communities they serve. Some of these local organizations include Kentucky Fairness, Kentucky Refugee Ministries, and the African American Heritage Center.

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